Saturday, October 22, 2011

when the time come.

have u ever fill... when your bare foot touch the ground? and walk trough the grass that very cold with moisture. have u ever fill when u see a sky u fill like flying up in the air...and you want to be there? have u ever fill when your heart start to beep that is the one of opportunity to u to do what u ever fill?

the world is so big, strong, livable, greenly, cool with all nature beside us... and i was wondering.. when human also like nature...always helping, sharing, loving. helping is apart of our value. tree help us to have an oxygen . tree also share us his fruit. and tree love us because when we hot, tree give her shade to us. did u ever think about it?

thankful to got... i always see a nature apart of my inspiration. apart of my study. what i call nature art. Allah gift is way too far more valuable then we ever met. but very unlucky who didnt see the nature is apart of our friend... we can be friend to anything... bird, cat and even plant... and i friend with them most rather than a human being... that why i always keep shut up and no to talked much with human being...

i fill like i can be freely to do what i want to do... my soul is free... and nature always beside me... thank to tree, flower and cat... u always accompany me when i alone... i never told that u always hear what is my heart talking about... Allah ..u r the greatest god in the world... u cant be compare by all mean... u just one. u show me the right path... and i beg u to go to my original place... i want my bare foot touch the grass at heaven... i want to meet tree that can talked... heheehe... Allah appreciate us all the time... he always never forget about us. he give as food, air, healthy but human still forget. normally, if someone didnt appreciate u at all... u will be sad.. but how god fill that always give us something that more worthy but didnt appreciate Allah at all?

so in this world... just a small matter to look at because what u see is just for a while.... akhirat is your true destination after this... when the time come.. u will know what is this all about... u still safe u still comfort but when u forget someone who love u... (god)... u will know how regret u are... u know god is the best to you to refer but still laughing and enjoying with life that just a while. i also a week person... i also have full of weeknesess. but i still try to rely on perfectionism ... why ? human is not perfect anymore...

when the time come... u will know what i talked about...

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