Saturday, October 15, 2011

singapore trip!!!!

what can i say when we go over bridge to look another country it kind of fun and interesting... (sort of) anyway thanks to us that could make a paperwork very dash and rush... it not easy to get along with something new and worthy... thanks to jamil as a leader on this program. he have put his soul towards this trip... thanks a lot!

btw, trip to singapore is just like to kl... nothing much to compare but environment is quite greeny and windy... very peaceful with those tree for sure... but hot! the sun is very irritating while i walk around and that why tree is everywhere .... waaaaaaaaaaaa

first off all before i tell what happen at singapore... let i introduce u how to get in.... well it quite strict and have a lot of producer need to be follow... regardless to the safety and security we have to put away all forbidden thing such as chewing gum, shot gun , knife and etc. so that is a fist rule.... second need to bring bag. can u imaging every time u have to pass the migration u have to scan your bag? annoying but that the rule!

and then, first trip we go around singapore. lots of tree, less motorcycle, odd vehicle, and very beautiful and clean country... but they love to give compound on any wrong doing thing for example throwing rubbish. but good! to train people to be more discipline and fine attitude.

so we arrived at waterfront park... such a nice place just like holly wood but sorry at that time i dint change my money yet... so expensive!!!!!!!!!! i change rm 50 to singapore dollar... just get 19 dollar... and all food stuff is about 3 dollar above! anyway i didn't excited to eat at singapore because don t have any halal food... i just drink and drink and drink... hahahaha

never mind for that inconceivable small matter... furthermore is too expensive.... can t afford unless being sponsor by anak datok... hahahah i could shopping for souvenir that 2 for 10 dollar... just a little tiny key chain for 5 dollar!!!! crazy!!! i just see... not interested...!!! hahahaha

so we go trough monorail... free charge but u have to pay for second trip... heheheh... 3 dollar... still it quite expensive after u think about changing money.... well this experience taught us not to buy anything at singapore... just see and smell the food or odd souvenir hahahha nevertheless if u rich... just buy it... and then sold it to malaysian people... hahahaha

ermmm about the point we go to singapore... we have to hear the art talked that is so long and quite boring... bla bla bla although have a lot point to be heard still i see all of my friend were sleeping, go to toilet and since it was a bored art talked, infront of the chair 80 percent was gone hahahaha... so art talked being held at national university singapore... very big university... just like ukm... huhuhuhu.... more advance and high techno... great experience to be gain... hehehehe

pm zul is one of my lecturer ... what can i talked about my lecturer is... he is very good thinker... how he want to express what is abstract in sculpture and with his ideology trough certain issue is quite interesting... he like to mesmerized all retro concept in his work... i remember on his solo exhibition about negaraku... i was very attract with the way he story the way he put the idea and the way he do his art work... it seem very abstract but trough on his behalf i like to say.... he is apart of my inspiration... i keep looking on his artwork so admire able to me to imitation hehehe.... yeah u know if u want to get the idea... u have to follow the big boss in art industry... to make your artwork powerfull u must fall in love with someone idea... and that will make u perfect in doing researching... hehehehe

so after that... we go eating... luckyly this time we dont have to find a food court or what so ever hehehehe.... but after we eating... we have a problem with a bus driver... i dont know what the real problem until the driver get angry to us because of late... well he dont know the real situation and yet the small matter dont have to be bigger... i was thankful to god because had finish our journey safely...and back to malaysia in time! hahahaah malaysia is a best country... because we are malaysian people of course we know the best! halal food anywhere and the culture are so beautiful!!! hahahahaha so the next rip is to bali...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soon we go ! i have to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love my batch at 23 2009 and 2010 because we already apart of this trip!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha starting from penang, sarawak, terengganu, and finally singapore... i so thankful!!!!!!!! muah muah love u guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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