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Saturday, January 28, 2012

love is killing? noooo love is expensive

when u talking about love... we simply say that... the love is beautiful, extraordinary, feel everything. But what im trying to say... people who live with loved is a people who very LUCKY. u know what i mean? first of all... love is very crazy to get it. To understand a people, u have to be hypocrite, so called passion and so called make u happy. The truth is, U.. yourself also need a same thing. BEING LOVED.

Why? because u also a human being. Homo sapiens can only get what is homo sapiens do. So dont be hopeful what u have right now. in fact, this is some task that related to your lust. Love that truly expensive can only being achieve by someone who ready to sacrifice, understand the faith of your love one and sincere to accept it handsomely.

Being apart of this worlds, not care if u a transsexual, gay, lesbian, bi, or straight, u have to understand what is your really desire through what u claim as a true love. No one have a correct define through himself, therefore is quite obvious to define a true love mean.

It sounds look very complicated, but the one who stick with the game which just being play, let me guess, it all because of lust.... U see she or he have a good looking, u easily fall in loved... and hope someday we will together for ever.... hahahahaha... the funniest thing about our world is LIES.Happen anywhere. In case u still blurr... let me get u clear...

First, u just have a little chit chat with him or her.... then, u quite want to know him more further instead of he 0r her have a good looking... than get a same story that u can share and like to talked about it. In the mean time, impress, hypocrite, so called care will take over as in case u want to meet him. So start we a AGREEMENT that being perfectly organised, u meet him all of sudden. So bla bla bla... go to some place that interesting us to see.... and the end, end up with SEX.

In this world, i likely to say, we are really notty, because of our past that not enough loved. loved can get anywhere but true love dont... who care if u hurt, pain and have deep argony??? because the one that u love have a same history too... so dont hope it to much!...

people never satisfy... and they will still searching for the perfect one... even though he is not perfect but trust me... god is very fair... if u behave what r u today, u will get couple that also same like u... any how, get use to it if u don have a true loved...

gay and lesbian people... be POSITIVE,,, what ever it is... u were lucky not to born as a handicap and effortless person... just your heart need to sacrifice. We have to know... there are many task that we have to faced! So dont be cruel and too judgmental towards what u faced right now... it may have a blessing on disguised... So not to ask u be more gay... to ask u be more normal and stand for the right path! right nature! and right for yourself in the hereafter...

so who get THE TRUE LOVED please inform me... but i love to say this word.... "saya tak mampu nak mencintai awak, saya hanya mampu menyanyangi awak... saya hanya letakkan cinta saya pada yang satu iaitu Allah" i have define my desire.... so i hope u too :)

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